Cleaning and Care

We guarantee that our furniture will last long. However, it is recommended that you provide proper care and maintenance to maintain its shape. We have some suggestions on how to maintain and care for our furniture.


Most of our furniture will be sealed or waxed. However, we still recommend using a placemat and coaster to avoid moisture absorption on our furniture. Clean your furniture with a damp cloth and avoid using any chemical cleaners as they may reduce the lifespan of the furniture and cause damages like color stains, cracks, discoloration, etc. A dry soft cloth is most recommended to remove dust.


We recommend using a damp cloth with a small amount of water. Some stones tend to absorb more water than others and may stain. Strictly avoid using chemical cleaners.


Do not use chemical cleaners, use only a damp cloth to clean. Chemical cleaners will result in rusting.


Use a cleaner that specialises in cleaning leather. You may only need a soft dry cloth to remove dust without any chemicals.


Our fabric always comes with water-resistant seals. However, we recommend that you quickly absorb any spills on the fabric with a dry cloth.


You must use a placemat or coaster to place hot items on the glass area. Avoid placing furniture with glass near the stove and fireplace. You can clean the glass using a glass cleaner.

Can I Prevent Timber Cracking?

As cracking is a natural process, it cannot be stopped, only slowed down. Our craftsmen use chemical-free, organic finishes that help to preserve the wood’s natural integrity, embracing its virgin qualities. Therefore, cracking may occur throughout its lifespan, particularly with reclaimed wood.

However, if you are looking for ways to decelerate this process, we recommend keeping your household humidity at around 50% by using a humidifier or dehumidifier. Additionally, avoid rooms that are excessively hot, dry, damp, or that receive direct sunlight throughout the day. These conditions help to prevent the possibility of natural wood cracking.

At this time, we cannot recommend any wax, polishes, or finishes, as we have never tested such chemicals on our homeware. We urge you to enjoy the organic beauty of your wood furniture. However, if you choose to use such preventative methods, try solutions sparingly at first to ensure they have the desired effect you are looking for.